Achieving pregnancy
in the toughest cases

Same sex couples

Accurate and detailed diagnosis of the causes of infertility is the key to successful treatment, whatever the diagnosis. The diagnosis involves first of all a conversation between both partners with the doctor, with the help of which a detailed picture of the problem and its causes is formed in the future.


Scandinavia AVA-PETER clinic was the first fertility center in Saint-Petersburg performing IVF for single intended parents. Nowadays more and more persons become single parents by choice. The tactics for single men or homosexual couples inquire egg donation and surrogacy program. Scandinavia AVA-PETER clinic offers the largest egg donor database in Russia so you can be sure in selecting the best candidate.

In general, the surrogacy process is the same for single parents as for any other intended parents. 

For single intended parents there is need just for one visit to clinic so you can plan one-day trip to Russia.

We also provide special offer with no need of visiting Saint-Petersburg.

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