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04.01.2018 George
What a blessing that my wife chose a wonderful clinic. By age, we had almost no chances. Wife was 47, I'm 50 years old, two attempts abroad were not successful. Spent a lot of money, local doctors for a long time tormented, three months waiting for one analysis, we lost a few years. Our spirit was broken, but we rather by inertia, without no hope went to Scandinavia AVA-PETER.. On May,2017 two charming boy-twins were born. Unlimited gratitude to the great Scandinavia AVA-PETER clinic in St. Petersburg.

29.11.2017 Olivia
I want to express my gratitude to the doctors and staff of the Ava-Peter clinic for carrying out my most cherished dream "to see these long-awaited two strips." Our chances of becoming parents were almost equal to zero. But thanks to the properly selected treatment, sensitive attitude, professionalism of the doctors of the Scandinavia AVA-PETER, our dream has almost come true. Thanks to everyone!

I can not express my gratitude with words, but I'll try. Just say that behind are 14 attempts of IVF. Zero effect. Referring to the one well-known clinic, where I was denied I went to Scandinavia AVA-PETER. First time when i saw a doctor, young women, who is looking at me with enthusiasm, clearly explains everything from a to z. The first time I left the doctor with a clear understanding of what to do next. In 3 months from our first meeting I get the first in my life four-digit hCG. Who has not encountered this problem, will never understand.  I am grateful to fate for this meeting. There are probably no more such doctors. Just thanks for everything.

Infinitely grateful to the clinic my pregnancy! I was 41 and most doctors offered a donor egg, but since for certain reasons I wanted to use donor material from a man, this did not suit me at all ... In Scandinavia AVA-PETER the doctor took an egg without stimulation, and the long-awaited pregnancy came! The doctor could be contacted at any time, always explained everything in detail! Thank you!

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