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The first surrogacy program in Russia was implemented in 1995 in Saint Petersburg and since then the general public opinion has become surrogacy-friendly. Actually approximately 1 000 babies per year are born.

Some points about surrogacy in Russia you should know:

  • Compensated surrogacy is totally legal 

  •  No adoption nor court decision is required, except single intended parents

  •  The surrogate’s name is never listed on the birth certificate

  • The surrogate irrevocably loses all rights to the child

  •  No requirement for the child to be genetically related to at least one commissioning parent as in Ukraine. 

  •  The law in Russia doesn’t set any age limit for Intended Parents. All ages are welcome

  • Patients infected by HIV, Hepatitis B & C can legally parent a child in Russia through surrogacy given the following conditions:

  • Therapy to reach min./not detectable virus load in blood;

  • Sperm wash;

  • Voluntary informed consent of the Surrogate for her participation in a gestational surrogacy program with infected patient  

“Scandinavia AVA-PETER” Clinic is proud to announce fruitful collaboration with reliable partners – the team of the most experienced lawyers in reproductive medicine in Saint-Petersburg and surrogacy program coordinators offering extensive database of surrogate mothers ready to be recruited at your earliest convenience.

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