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I really recommend ”Scandinavia AVA-PETER” with it´s team.
At this Clinic you will find a warm and engaged approach towards their patients.
Ekaterina, that is in charge of the client service, is very sensitive to each individual´s situation.
I experience her as very understandable and empathetic and is always aiming to do her best in the dialogue with the patients.
I experience the ”Scandinavia AVA-PETER-team”, in general, as very professional and dedicated in their duty, with a strong and competetive knowledge in fertility treatments.
All this together, make me feel safe, calm and hopeful as a patient at the ”Scandinavia AVA-PETER”.
I am infinitely grateful to the clinic for my pregnancy! I was 41 and most doctors were offering me programs with donor eggs. For certain reasons that didn’t suit me at all. In Scandinavia AVA-PETER the doctor used my own eggs, and the long-awaited pregnancy came! The doctors are very approachable, the coordinators are super helpful and always explain everything in detail! Thank you!
I can not express my gratitude with words, but I'll try. Lets just say that behind me are 14 attempts of IVF. Zero effect. Having been referred to the one well-known clinic, where I was denied treatment I went to Scandinavia AVA-PETER. First time when Ii saw a doctor, a young woman, who was looking at me with enthusiasm, clearly explained everything from A to Z. That first time I left the doctor’s office with a clear understanding of what to do next. In 3 months from our first meeting I got the first in my life four-digit HCG. Those who has not encountered this problem, will never understand. I so grateful to my good fortune for this meeting. There are probably no more such doctors. Just thanks for everything.
I want to express my gratitude to the doctors and staff of the Ava-Peter clinic for carrying out my most cherished dream "to see these long-awaited two strips." Our chances of becoming parents were almost equal to zero. But thanks to the properly selected treatment, sensitive attitude, professionalism of the doctors of the Scandinavia AVA-PETER, our dream has almost come true. Thanks to everyone!
What a blessing it was that my wife chose a wonderful clinic. With age we had almost no chances. My wife was 47, I was 50 years old, and two IVF attempts abroad were not successful. We’ve spent a lot of money, were tormented by local doctors for a long time, had to wait for 3 months for some of the tests and have lost a few years as a result. Our spirit was broken, and with no hope left, but rather out of desperation we went to Scandinavia AVA-PETER.. On May,2017 our charming twin boys were born. Our unlimited gratitude goes to the fantastic Scandinavia AVA-PETER clinic team in St. Petersburg.
I would like to thank the clinic staff for the friendly and warm atmosphere they create, willingness to help, and individualized approach to each patient! I had a free consultation with Dr. Yulia Tsitsareva, who was very thorough and professional, answered all of my questions with deep knowledge of my condition. I also had an online consultation with Dr. Taras Yanchuk, who has found the time in his extremely busy schedule to talk to me and give his recommendations. I would also like to send special thanks to the clinic coordinator Ekaterina for her continuous support and lovely professional attitude!
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