Alexander Davydov-Sinitsyn
Geneticist, Ph. D. (Biology)
Skilled in cytological, cytogenetic, molecular-cytogenetic and molecular research methods
10 years experience
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About the doctor
Work experience
Participated in molecular and cellular biology scientific studies (designing and conducting experiments, publication of study results), and is also experienced as a laboratory biologist

Experienced in working with cell cultures, DNA and RNA samples (10 years in scientific laboratories, incl. 4 years in the position of a senior laboratory assistant)
Main education
2010: Saint Petersburg State University, Diploma in Embryology

2014: Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Science, Research Degree in Cell Biology, Cytology, Histology
Additional education
2015: D. O. Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Reproductive Medicine, “Cytogenetic and molecular methods of prenatal diagnostics of chromosomal abnormalities” Continuing Professional Development course
Academic articles and published works
5 published works in Russian academic journals