frozen eggs are available
Very energetic, focused, enjoy learning new things, love taking care of my home, like travelling
Height, cm: 163
Weight, kg: 74
Blood type and Rh factor: A (II) Rh+
Ethinicity: caucasian
Religion: christianity
Character traits: emotional, focused, persistent, well mannered
Eye color: blue-green
Eye shape: european
Nose: humped
Forehead: normal (straight)
Face: round
Freckles/moles: yes
Hair type: wavy
Hair color: chestnut-haired
Grey hair: first grey hair appeared at 24 years of age
Constitution: mesomorphic (normal constitution)
Right-handed or left-handed: right-handed
Marital status: married
Career field: education
Education: higher
Languages: russian
Favorite sport: running
Play musical instruments: no
Hobbies, interests: sports, going for walks, cross stitching, painting
Why did I become a donor?
Every person has met certain difficulties on his life path. For me one of the saddest things is when a woman can’t have a child. Every woman deserves to be a mother, feel how her body changes during pregnancy, have this wonderful surge of feelings when the child is born and that extraordinary connection with her child. Every man deserves to see a woman he loves
carrying his child, care for his family and protect them. The family should grow together and it is possible when there are children around. Thanks to modern day technologies every woman can now hope to have a child they’ve longed for. I have this opportunity to help them, and am doing it with love!

Favorite food: asian and Italian cuisine
Favorite color: green
Favorite season: summer
Favorite holiday: New Year’s Eve, Mothers Day
Favorite book: “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte
Favorite music genre: like all kinds of music
Favorite film: “The Green Book”, “Shawshank Redemption”, “Titanic”, “Home alone”, “The Holiday”
Pets: a hampster
Information about children
Children: 1
Sex: girl
Hearing/vision problems: no
Mental health problems/autism: no
ADHD/hyperactivity: no
Medical and genetic information
Have you or your blood relatives ever been diagnosed with any of the following diseases?