frozen eggs are available
I am hardworking, spend a lot of time with my children and family
Height, cm: 163
Weight, kg: 50
Blood type and Rh factor: A (II) Rh+
Ethinicity: russian
Religion: christianity
Character traits: I am a kind and fun person
Eye color: green
Eye shape: european
Nose: straight
Forehead: normal (straight)
Face: oval
Freckles/moles: yes
Hair type: straight
Hair color: dirty-blonde
Grey hair: no
Constitution: mesomorphic (normal constitution)
Right-handed or left-handed: right-handed
Marital status: married
Career field: medicine
Education: secondary vocational
Languages: russian
Favorite sport: volleyball
Play musical instruments: no
Hobbies, interests: I spend a lot of time with my children
Why did I become a donor?
I was skeptical about having children. I am an only child and grew up without brothers and sisters. But I always dreamt of having a little girl.
Then my husband and I found out that I am pregnant. During the first Ultrasound examination we were told that we are having twins and heard their heartbeat. It was extraordinary! That’s when I realized that I am going to be a mother. We had twin boys. 4 years later we’ve had a little girl. I can’t express in words just how much I love my children. I want every woman to experience those feelings!

Favorite food: vegetable salad, fish
Favorite color: black, white
Favorite season: summer
Favorite holiday: New Year’s Eve
Favorite book: -
Favorite music genre: -
Favorite film: -
Pets: a cat
Information about children
Children: 3
Sex: boys and girl
Hearing/vision problems: no
Mental health problems/autism: no
ADHD/hyperactivity: no
Medical and genetic information
Have you or your blood relatives ever been diagnosed with any of the following diseases?