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I am a positive and optimistic person. Like watching thrillers and documentaries on TV. Started exploring beauty industry recently
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Height, cm: 172
Weight, kg: 69
Blood type and Rh factor: A (II) Rh-
Ethinicity: russian
Religion: christianity
Character traits: kind, sensitive, patient
Eye color: green
Eye shape: european
Nose: straight
Forehead: normal (straight)
Face: oval
Freckles/moles: yes
Hair type: straight
Hair color: dirty-blonde
Grey hair: no
Constitution: mesomorphic (normal constitution)
Right-handed or left-handed: right-handed
Marital status: married
Career field: sales
Education: secondary vocational
Languages: russian
Favorite sport: cycling
Play musical instruments: yes
Hobbies, interests: baking and decorating cakes, like to paint, to dance, love cycling
Why did I become a donor?
I always try to help people if I could. One evening I was at home with my son thinking how lovely it is to have a child, take care of him, wash him, play with him, go for walks. That’s when I thought that not everyone is physically capable of having a baby. I did some research on the internet and found information about how to become a donor. That’s it!

Favorite food: sushi, bortsch, caesar salad, honey cake
Favorite color: blue
Favorite season: spring
Favorite holiday: My birthday
Favorite book: “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho
Favorite music genre: indie rock, pop music
Favorite film: “Back to the Future”, “Harry Potter” movies, “Some Like it Hot”
Pets: no
Information about children
Children: 1
Sex: boy
Hearing/vision problems: no
Mental health problems/autism: no
ADHD/hyperactivity: no
Medical and genetic information
Have you or your blood relatives ever been diagnosed with any of the following diseases?