frozen eggs are available
I am a calm and reasonable person. Love to cook dinners for my family. Always make sure that everything is clean and tidy.
Height, cm: 180
Weight, kg: 68
Blood type and Rh factor: A (II) Rh +
Ethinicity: russian
Religion: christianity
Character traits: I am calm and always think before I do. Determined, and usually get what I want. 
Eye color: blue
Eye shape: european
Nose: straight
Forehead: normal (straight)
Face: round
Freckles/moles: yes

Hair type: Curly

Hair color: blonde

Grey hair: no
Constitution: mesomorphic (normal constitution)
Right-handed or left-handed: right-handed

Marital status: Married

Career field: Management / recruiting

Education: Incomplete higher education

Languages: Russian, German

Favorite sport: Tennis

Play musical instruments: Piano

Hobbies, interests: Drawing, photographing, writing poetry and stories

Why did I become a donor?
I became a donor because all my life I was helping people, children, animals. For me to go to a shelter or join a search party is regular thing. So when I found out that it is possible to help families that are unable to conceive, I have decided to become a donor. It is an easy thing for me, and some family will have a baby that they wanted. I am a mother myself and know what joy it is.
When I was donating in a different clinic, I met the family for which I became a donor for the first time. I saw such happiness in their eyes, so much gratitude when they managed to become parents, and that is worth a lot. It might sound selfish, but I like knowing that I have something to do with these people’s happiness. Someone might think people become donors because of the pay (some women do it for the money, but not me. All the money I get I donate to the animal shelter, children’s funds and various treatments for adults. I help families with low income to buy the necessities. I know that good things I do will come back to me.

Favorite food: Pancakes
Favorite color: Grey
Favorite season: summer
Favorite holiday: New Year’s Eve
Favorite book: “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy
Favorite music genre:Pop music
Favorite film: “The Knight’s Move”
Pets: a cat
Information about children
Children: 1
Sex: girl
Hearing/vision problems: no
Mental health problems/autism: no
ADHD/hyperactivity: no
Medical and genetic information
Have you or your blood relatives ever been diagnosed with any of the following diseases?