Natalia Sverkunova
Embryologist. Skilled in all relevant state-of-the-art techniques of clinical embryology
9 years experience
Laboratory specialists do not offer appointment times
About the doctor
Main education
2011: V. I. Vernadsky Taurida National University (Simferopol), Diploma in Biology
Additional education
2011: Centre of Human Reproduction “Prof. Feskov’s Clinic”, (Kharkov), “Clinical embryology” course within “ART in Infertility Treatment” programme

2017: D. O. Ott Research Institute of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine (Saint Petersburg), “Assisted Reproductive Technology (for Embryologists)” Continuing Professional Development course, 144 hours

2014: Origio LLC (Moscow), “How to Increase the Effectiveness of ART programmes” workshop

2015: XXV Annual International Conference “Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow”. “Classical Embryology” panel participant

2016: EMC Medical School (Moscow), “Cryopreservation (Vitrification)” Continuing Professional Development course, as an Apprenticeship programme, 24 hours
On-line course at Global Fertility Academy
XXVI Annual International Conference “Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow”.
“Embryology: from Basics to Practice” panel participant

2019–2020: Training in using Gamete Expert on-line base

2020: XXIX International Conference “Reproductive Health Today and Tomorrow”
“Managing Quality in the ART Laboratory”, On-line Webinar, 60 minutes
“The 1st IVF Worldwide Online Congress in Reproductive Medicine” panel listenerXXX Annual International Conference “Reproductive Technologies Today and Tomorrow”