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Egg donation
Actually egg donation programs are legal in Russia.
Recommended in case of:
Women of advanced reproductive age
Women with ovarian failure due to menopause, premature ovarian failure or ovarian surgery
Women who cannot use their own oocytes
Recurrent pregnancy loss
Inability to produce euploid (normal) embryos
Who is the egg donor in Scandinavia AVA-PETER Clinic?
Young and attractive woman under 30 years old with own healthy baby conceived naturally
All the donors undergo genetic testing on common hereditary diseases
The largest database offers both European and Asian phenotype of donors
We trully understand what a crucial issue is to choose a perfect egg donor. That’s why we provide to our foreign patients donor’s portfolio with pictures, description of her hobbies, life style, her life goals and even sample of her handwriting.

Once the appropriate egg donor is approved the ovarian stimulation is to be initiated immediately. As the number of eggs retrieved plays a significant role in IVF prognosis we guarantee at least 15 oocytes in “fresh cycle” with the aim to facilitate the best chance of successful outcome. At the very day of donor’s ovum pick-up the eggs are fertilized with sperm. The eggs are monitored to confirm that fertilization and cell division are taking place. Once this occurs, the fertilized eggs are considered embryos. Thus the stage of embryo cultivation is started. This period lasts 5-6 days till the embryos reach the stage of blastocyst and are ready to be transferred into uterus of patient or surrogate mother.

Sharing responsibilities with our patients we offer the “IVF with Guarantee package", which guarantees at least 4 embryos and 3 attempts of embryo transfer with 50% refund if no pregnancy is reached after 3 embryo transfers.
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