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Embryo adoption (or embryo donation) is a process of using donor embryos for achieving pregnancy. Embryo adoption is an actual and highly successful treatment that results in the birth of your own healthy baby.

The donor embryo in Scandinavia AVA-PETER clinic is cultivated from cells of both egg and sperm donors thus so-called “rejected embryos” are never offered.

Due to implementation of strict criteria of donor selection we are glad to guarantee you the cumulative pregnancy rate close to 90% within 3 attempts. The significant basis for such inspiring effectiveness is out attitude to donor examination : only 40% of primary candidates are recommended to participate in program.

All the sperm donors in our sperm bank are approved based on our attentive screening process and approved individually by our high-qualified biologists, who have more than 15 years of experience in this field (See the screening protocol here).

No doubt choosing the egg donor perfectly matching your preferences is a very important step. That’s why we provide the donor’s portfolio with pictures, description of her hobbies, life style, her life goals and even sample of her handwriting. All egg donors are approved by genetic testing and have their own healthy children.

Our approach in donor selection for embryo cultivation minimizes risks of embryo incompetence and enhances your chances to enjoy pregnancy with no complications.
The donor embryo program inquires just two visits to clinic. During the first one you will meet your doctor and discuss your individualized treatment plan in details. The second one is the embryo transfer itself.

We do relate all your concerns and fears so we are ready to do our best for your family.
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